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Keeping a pipeline clean is necessary not only for maintaining constant flow rates, and thus reducing operating costs, but also for extending asset lifetime. In addition, it is essential preparation for efficient pipeline inspections. Petroscanz cleaning tool is a modular, bi-directional disc model for general cleaning and pre-commissioning applications. In its basic configuration, it can be used for most pipeline cleaning applications such as batching, general cleaning and removal of liquids. Its modular structure enables additional applications, notably heavy-duty-cleaning and wax removal, ferrous debris elimination and gauging. It is also an ideal tool for pipeline pre-commissioning.

Foam Pigs


  • Available in 4 standard densities of foam, Low Density (1.5-2lb/Cu.ft), Medium Density (5-7lb/Cu.ft), Heavy Density (8-10lb/Cu.ft) and Extra Heavy (20lb/Cu.ft)
  • The range includes a number of different finishes designedfor specific applications. These include Bare Foam, FullyCoated, Criss Cross, Silicone Carbide and both Wire & NylonBrush designs
  • Foam pigs can be adapted to include transmitter cavities ,towloops, gauge plates and encapsulated magnets for tracking
  • Dual densities are available on request
  • Sizes ranging from 1/2" to 74"



  • Bare Foam Pigs
  • Fully Coated Foam Pigs
  • Wire Brushes Foam Pigs
  • Criss-Cross Foam Pigs


  • Maintenance free, disposable product
  • Capable of travelling long distances
  • Can be customised to meet client requirements
  • Can reduce through a pipeline by up to 50% in diameter
  • Capable of negotiating short radius 90° bends and elbows
  • Able to traverse bends, mitres, tees and various valveconfigurations
  • Can be used on pipelines not originally designed for piggingactivities


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