In Line Inspection Solutions AND Services

Petroscanz has the experience and expertise to help pipeline owners and operators achieve system integrity and reliability, resulting in an extension of the asset lifecycle.Petroscanz provides in-line inspection services to the gas and liquid pipeline operators enabling them to monitor their pipelines and develop adequate maintenance and repair programs.Petroscanz provides a variety of ILI technologies, tools, and services:


We help pipeline operators to assess the integrity and remaining life of valuable pipelines and to plan effective inspection and maintenance strategies. These objectives are influenced by a range of legal and financial factors, including but not limited to: - compliance with legislation and company policies - maximizing asset value and production targets - operational life extension - centralized approach for integrity management The ultimate driver for us is to help our customer’s balance these factors and make informed decisions to ensure that they meet their business targets while maintaining a safe and reliable asset base that does not harm the environment.


Petroscanz Magnetic Flux Leakage Technology is the right choice to reliably and effectively detect and characterize internal and external metal loss features. Our inspection tools embody robust and multi-faceted technology with a proven record of sensitivity and accuracy, ensuring the best possible results in every performance category. Our well –structured, certified data evaluation process enables Petroscanz data analysts to provide the required high quality assessment on-time.


Keeping a pipeline clean is necessary not only for maintaining constant flow rates, and thus reducing operating costs, but also for extending asset lifetime. In addition, it is essential preparation for efficient pipeline inspections. Petroscanz cleaning tool is a modular, bi-directional disc model for general cleaning and pre-commissioning applications. In its basic configuration, it can be used for most pipeline cleaning applications such as batching, general cleaning and removal of liquids. Its modular structure enables additional applications, notably heavy-duty-cleaning and wax removal, ferrous debris elimination and gauging. It is also an ideal tool for pipeline pre-commissioning.


UT ( ULTRASONIC INSPECTION) To address circumferential cracks, ultrasonic waves are generated in axial pipe direction by our special sensor setup. Tailor made piezo electric probes are designed in-house and integrated in a robust and flexible sensor carrier system gaining superior precision and resolution. Our well–structured, certified data evaluation process and the full access to A-Scan data enables Petroscanz analysts to provide the required high quality assessment on-time. The accuracy of the findings is supported by our large in-house crack database and repository. The reporting software facilitates the broad use of the inspection results.


Through advanced inline inspection (ILI) technology to detect and characterize dents with a high degree of accuracy, PETROSCANZ helps OIL & Gas Distribution operators avoid operational issues such as flow restriction or pig passage problems, as well as pipeline failures. This technology provides high resolution geometry for dents and dent strain, including the ability to detect the slightest bore changes. It is available from 4” to 56”.

XYZ Mapping Solutions and Services

Pipeline mapping data not only ensures that pipeline route is measured and known, but also provide basis for synchronization of all available pipeline data and integration into GIS. XYZ mapping technology also allows you to monitor pipeline displacement and calculate bending strain.

Engineering Solutions and Services

When it comes to the production of critical components, integrity becomes a major aspect from the beginning. Our in-house design, engineering, fabrication and testing capability is used to produce all types of pig launcher and receiver’s systems. Pig trolleys and cranes to meet the specific requirements of pipeline.


PETROSCANZ has skilled technicians at all our office locations that specialize in Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS) Close Interval Potential Surveys can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a Cathodic Protection system applied to a buried pipeline.

Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG)

PETROSCANZ has skilled technicians at all our office locations that specialize in Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG). As an essential part of corrosion control, the DCVG survey is the most accurate method available to size and locate pipe coating defects. If a coating is compromised then the pipeline can be at risk of corrosion.


The ACCA method employed by PETROSCANZ is used to identify coating anomalies on buried pipelines by measuring the strength of an electromagnetic field around the pipe occurring as a result of an applied alternating current signal. When an AC signal flows along a straight conductor it will produce a symmetrical magnetic field. Electromagnetic induction is used to detect and measure the intensity of the signal, and the resultant pipe current is calculated.


PETROSCANZ is able to provide cathodic protection inspection and surveys. These include annual surveys (pipe-to-soil potentials), monthly rectifier readings (including trouble shooting), and associated ongoing maintenance and repairs.







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